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Painting the Dwelling

There are a number of ways that you can paint your model. This guide shows you the techniques that we used to paint the Dwelling. Similar techniques can be applied to painting the Tavern. These are the items that you will need:

  • TEXTURED PAINT: Used to achieve a sandy/rough concrete effect. We used white Dulux Sandswept . However, if you don't want to use textured paint, you could mix sand into watered down PVA .

  • ACRYLIC PAINTS: For the Dwelling we used P3 paints from Privateer Press, however similar colours could be used from any brand. The following colors were used to paint the Dwelling: Bloodtracker Brown, Hammerfall Khaki, Menoth White Highlight, Morrow White, Menoth White Base, Thamar Black, Bastion Grey and Ironhull Grey.

  • ARTISTS BRUSHES: Small and large.
1. Ensure that all parts are glued together before painting. You may also add a woodgrain effect to all wood areas.
2. Apply the textured paint (or Sand-PVA mixture) only to those parts of the model that are meant to be stone/concrete then allow to dry. Avoid painting the wooden frame, door, window sills and roof.
3. Paint the lower level Ironhull grey (avoid painting the wooden door and inside staircase).
4. Apply a coat of Hammerfall Khaki to all textured areas of the walls on the upper levels (avoiding the wood) .
5. Drybrush the upper levels 2 - 3 times with Menoth White Base. Drybrush the lower level Bastion Grey.

6. Drybrush all textured areas with Menoth White Highlight.

7. Drybrush all textured areas with Morrow White.
8. Apply a solid coat of Bloodtracker Brown to all wood areas as shown (including inside staircase).
9. Apply a mixture of Bloodtracker brown and Hammerfall Khaki to some areas of the wood to light them up as shown.

10. Highlight all wooden edges with Menoth White Base. Paint the window cross Tharmar Black .

11. A printable colour roof template for the Dwelling, Church and Tavern can be downloaded for free from this site. For instructions on how to create a more 3D effect for a tiled roof please view Steps 8 - 10 from the Church painting tips.

Apply any additional effects such as a doorhandle, moss, leaded windows etc.

NOTE: If you are using the roof template, print it out at 1:1 (100% scale) and refer to its instructions.

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