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Pod Bunker

Painting the Pod Bunker

There are a number of ways that you can paint your model. This guide shows you the techniques that we used to paint the Pod Bunker. These are the items you will need:

  • ACRYLIC PAINTS: Although any brand will work, we used Citadel paints because of their large range of natural colors. The following Citadel colors were used to paint the Bunker: Scab red, Blood red, Chaos Black, Codex grey, Fiery Orange, Skull White.

  • INK: Chaos Black ink (or watered down Chaos Black paint)

  • ARTISTS BRUSHES: Small and large round brush. Medium flat brush.
1. Ensure that all parts are glued together before painting.
2. Paint a coat of Scab Red and Chaos Black.

3. Use the blushing technique with Blood Red to highlight those areas that are well exposed to light, while avoiding places that could have shadow.

4. Apply a dabbing of Codex grey to the black sections and ink the inside edges of the grooves on the top platform.
5. Apply a light drybrush of Fiery Orange near the grooves on the top platform and around the outside edges of the top rail.

7. Highlight all upper edges with Skull White while avoiding edges that would not normally be reflecting skylight.

9. Add any additional effects such as rivets or rust.
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