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Barbed Barricades

Creating a barbed wire barricade

There are a number of ways that you can paint your model. This guide shows you the techniques we used to create a barbed wire barricade using one of the bases from the Walls & barricade bases set. These are the items you will need:

  • ACRYLIC PAINTS: We used P3 paints from Privateer Press, however similar colours from any brand could be used. The following colors were used to paint the barbed wire barricade: Tharmar Black, Battle Field Brown, Bloodtracker Brown, Iron Hull Grey, Bastion Grey and Silver (or a suitable pipe colour).

  • MODELERS COMPOUND: An extremely useful and easy to use item for the scenery maker. We used Ziterdes Modeling Compound; however any suitable water putty/compound can be used. The general process involves mixing the powder with water which turns it into a creamy mix that will harden over a short time (approximately 15mins).

  • HOBBY GLUE: Any hobby or wood glue can be used.

  • ARTISTS BRUSHES: Small and large.


  • HOBBY MINIATURE BARB WIRE: Obtained from a hobby shop.


1. Prepare some rubble from the scrap MDF left from your kit as shown. Use straws to create pipes. Alternatively you can use almost anything that resembles rubble.
2. Mix some modelers compound with water and apply over the base with a plastic butter knife or anything equivalent to form the ground texture. Place rubble pieces into compound to create a crude barricade for gaming. In this example two posts are formed on either side to later accommodate barbed wire (see Step 7).
3. Coat the lower area of the base 'Battle Field Brown' (Dark Brown).
4. Coat the top unpainted area with 'Tharmar Black' (including pipes and scrap). Once dried, drybrush the black area with 'Ironhull Grey'.
5. Drybrush the top area with 'Bastion Grey' (light grey).
6. Mix a little 'Bloodtracker Brown' (light brown) with 'Battle Field Brown' (dark brown) and carefully drybrush over muddy areas including some grey areas to give a muddy texture. Take care to avoid the rubble.
7. Paint the pipe silver. Apply hobby glue wherever you want grass and sprinkle over with grass flock. Carefully wrap barbed wire around the two pole ends as shown.
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