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Creating a hedge using Wall & Barricade bases

There are a number of ways that you can paint your model. This guide shows you the techniques we used to create a hedge using one of the bases from the Walls & barricade bases set. These are the items you will need:

  • ACRYLIC PAINTS: We used P3 paints from Privateer Press, however similar colors from any brand could be used. The following colors were used to paint the Hedge: Wurm Green, Gnarls Green, Menoth White Base, Iron Hull Grey, Bastion Grey, and Bloodtracker Brown. .

  • MODELERS COMPOUND: An extremely useful and easy to use item for the scenery maker. We used Ziterdes Modeling Compound; however any suitable water putty/compound can be used. The general process involves mixing the powder with water which turns it into a creamy mix that will harden over a short time (approximately 15mins).

  • HOBBY GLUE: Any hobby or wood glue can be used.

  • ARTISTS BRUSHES: Small and large.




1. Cut approximately 20mm (or amount you want for the height of your hedge) off an extra-thick dark green kitchen scourer.
2. Trim the ends of the scourer to make it fit the length of your chosen base and trim the top corners and edges off the scourer to give it a rounder and more natural look.
3. Mix some modelers compound with water and apply a leveled mixture over the base using a plastic butter knife or anything equivalent to form the ground texture. When your desired look is achieved place the hedge on the base, the compound will bond the hedge and base together.

Before the compound mixture is setting you may want to add some extra detail by using stones that will be painted grey later.
4. Apply a coat of 'Bloodtracker Brown' over the base while avoiding the hedge.
5. Mix a little 'Menoth White Base' (cream colour) with 'Bloodtracker Brown' and apply a careful drybrush over the base to highlight the mud. Apply a heavy brush of 'Gnarls Green' (dark green) over the hedge.
6. Paint 'Gnarls Green' (dark green) in any areas where grass will be - particularly around the rim as the hedge will likely be used on a grass table. With a small brush carefully paint the stones 'Ironhull Grey' (dark grey).
7. Drybrush the hedge with 'Wurm Green' (lighter green).
8. Apply hobby glue to the dark green patches on the base where grass will go. Be sure to avoid the hedge.
9. Sprinkle grass flock over the glue. With a small brush highlight each stone with 'Bastion Grey' (light grey).
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